Delta firmware v.120

Here’s another update to the Delta firmware. It features a number of bug-fixes for using the Delta when slaved to MIDI clock, and also updates the code to use V4.0 of the MIDI Library. The complete list of fixes are as follows:

  • code now uses MIDI Library V4.0
  • accent levels no longer static when sending MIDI notes out, but adjustable with  Pot 2 in Pot-Shift Mode
  • Start/Stop enabled whilst receiving MIDI clock (F1 in Edit Mode)
  • Clear All enabled whilst receiving MIDI clock( hold Shift L and press Shift R)
  • adjusting note duration is now enabled for MIDI notes whilst receiving MIDI clock
  • sending automation is enabled whilst receiving MIDI clock
  • Play Mode is reset to Forward after Clear All
  • accents are cleared on Clear All
  • automation persists when using random pattern generators