The template firmware is provided to give a quick start to developing your own firmware.

It provides a button checker, checks the potentiometers, provides functions to easily address the LEDs, gives access to the EEPROM, and includes the MIDI library.

Download the current version: Groovesizer Template V1.

The template is configured to use the same jumper settings as the Alpha firmware. Make sure you have the jumpers on the options header configured as follows:

alpha _jumpers


The template has three demo modes, accessible with Shift-L and F1, F2 and F3.

Mode 1 (Shift-L & F1) – Demonstrates toggling LEDs on and off.

Mode 2 (Shift-L & F2) – Demonstrates simple MIDI out on channel 1. Each button sends out a MIDI on message when pressed, and a MIDI off message when released.

Mode 3 (Shift-L & F3) – Demonstrates the use of potentiometer values. The value of Pot 6 is reflected on the LED matrix. It’s also sent out as MIDI Control Change (cc) 16.