Design Files [MB]


Download the design file for the latest version of the PCB in Fritzing format: GROOVESIZER_8-Bit_Multiboard_RV2

This (RV2) is the second version of the multiboard and  implements a number of improvements suggested by Old Crow.

Here’s the design file for the first version of the PCB: Groovesizer Multiboard RV1

88x31(the PCB files are released under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike licence)

Fritzing is open source PCB design software – get it here: Fritzing

EnclosureGS Assy_Shtmtl 100813PM_2

Provided below are the original SolidWorks design files for the sheet metal enclosure, as designed by my brother, Pierre Marais. The included DXF, SLDASM and SLDPRT files can be opened in the free eDrawings viewer.

Download the design files: Groovesizer_Enclosure

Please note: this design was used by the manufacturer to create the final design for the enclosure, but is not identical to it. The final designs files are kept in-house by the manufacturer, and we don’t have access to them ourselves.

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