Firmware [RED]


Want to look at the firmware code or change it? Be our guest! You’ll need the Arduino IDE to edit, compile and upload the firmware.

Download the current firmware version: Groovesizer_RED_038

Open the file Groovesizer_RED_[version number].ino to open the file and all of it’s associated files.

To help you get started developing your own firmware for the RED, here’s a sketch with minimal code to give you control over the LEDs, buttons and pots: Groovesizer_RED_minimal


In order for the firmware to compile, you will need the following libraries installed:

The firmware is free software made available under a GPLv3 license.

Version history:

v.038 (2015-04-01) Groovesizer_RED_038

  • updated for compatibility with the latest version of MIDI library
  • updated for compatibility with Arduino IDE 1.6.x

v.037 (2014-07-18) Groovesizer_RED_037

  • updated the MIDI library to 4.1