Delta firmware v.115

I’ve uploaded an update to the Delta firmware. The current version (v.115) is available here.

New features are Play Modes (toggle between them with F1 in Pattern Mode)

  1. Forward – from step 1 to 16 and jump back to 1.
  2. Reverse – from step 16 to 1 and jump back to 16.
  3. Pendulum – from step 1 to 16, and down again from 16 to 1.
  4. Random interval – play, for example, every  3rd step (1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 3, 6, etc) until step 1 is reached again, then choose a new interval (between 1 and 16).
  5. Drunk – decide at random whether the next step will be the one after or the one before this one.
  6. Random – the next step will be randomly chosen (from 1 to 16)

The transpose via MIDI feature has been greatly improved. The current pattern can be transposed by sending notes from an attached MIDI keyboard or from sequencing software (Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar, etc.). Unlike in v.112, transposition is now centered around C3 – so, to transpose up by a semitone, press C#3 on the keyboard. To transpose down by an octave, press C2. To return to the original key, press C3 again.

The Delta no longer responds to MIDI messages on any MIDI channel, but only to the channel selected in the preferences for Note Out (whether Note Out is currently turned on or not). I’ve also replaced the Note Entry preference  (F4 on the preferences page) with the more useful Thru On option, so you can now turn MIDI Thru on and off.

For further bug fixes, please see this forum post.