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MB firmware compatibility with Arduino 1.6.0

I’ve discovered to my shock that the type definition “prog_uchar” that I’ve been using to place data in SRAM has been deprecated in the latest version of the IDE (Arduino 1.6.0). It means that most of the firmware for the MB won’t compile in the latest IDE!

While I update the code, the work-around is to not use Arduino 1.6.0, but instead to use the version before – Arduino 1.0.6.  I’m working on a fix as we speak.


Done! 2015-03-13

And the latest IDE versio is no 1.6.1

Bravo Firmware (MB) is here! (VIDEO)

Here’s a first video of the Bravo firmware for the MB. The Bravo you’ll recall is based on the Bleep Labs Bleep Drum – it turns the MB into a 4 voice, 8-bit drum machine. The user manual and complete feature list will be up soon.

UPDATE: the Bravo firmware can be downloaded here. The manual will soon be available in the same page.