DIY Links

Here are some links to friends in the synth DIY business.

  1. WILLZYX – James Wilsey took over took over the original x0xb0x kit from Adafruit some years back. The x0xb0x is considered by many to be the definitive TB-303 clone. As it turns out, James and I are based in the same city in Taiwan. Small world!black_xox_top_grande
  2. Old Crow – I met Old Crow (aka Scott Rider ) in Second Life where I do regular performances of my music. Crow had been a regular at my shows, but it was only after I started doing Groovesizer kits that he revealed himself as a synth DIY guru. Small virtual world! His projects include the super ambitious crOwBX. crowbx_4vox_front_web_smHis latest project in collaboration with Adafruit is the CrowminiusCrowminius_LCD_sm