TB2 – Progress

The TB2 is coming along nicely and is still on track to be released in December. I’ve been working on the latest version of the hardware. Notice the header on the right side, providing access to the unused analog and digital pins of the Arduino Due. As well as another tactile switch in the top row on the right, – these function as increment and decrement buttons.

02There are a couple more headers on the left edge for 5V, as well as the TX/RX pins for serial ports 0 and 3.01

And some of you will be happy to see that the TB2 now sports a 1/4″ jack. The SD card slot has moved to the other side of the PCB, and cards are now inserted upside down – it’s not a biggy after all.



The PCB design is now final, but the last change I want to make is to go back to the larger style caps for the tactile switches that I used on the previous prototype. The small ones are hell on the fingers!

04On the firmware side, I implemented the arpeggiator on the weekend, and it’s working sweetly!