TB2 – John Wilund Alternative Firmware with Mono Mode

I’ve received a modified version of the latest TB2 Quartet firmware from John Wilund. Most notably, John has implemented a monophonic mode. Try it out and let John know what you think in the forum, or via email at john[dot]wilund[at]gmail[dot]com

Download: Groovesizer_TB2_128b

Here are John’s notes.

Added features are:

The Monophonic Mode(s)
all choosable from the Keyboard Settings menu! [Pt 4]
The different monophonic keyboard modes are:
LK – Low Key
LKR – Low Key with Return
HK – High Key
HKR – High Key with Return
LSK – Last Singel Key (A special mode for the TB2. I haven’t seen it anywhere! else!)
LKH  – Last Key Hit
LKHR – Last Key Hit with Return (the default monophonic mode)
A Keyboard Octave shifting variable. Changeable with a knob [Pt 3] at the Keyboard Settings menu.
Made the Bit-Cruncher-value, to show the bits-out (12-2), rather than the number of bits you should subtract,
with the capability of the Arduino Due. Changeable with [Pt  3] found at the SHAPER & GAIN – menu.