TB2 – Baby’s First Sounds

Here’s a first taste of the TB2 – the Arduino Due synth shield that I’m working on and hope to show off at the Maker Faire in Rome. I’m working on the synth side first (with a sequencer to follow). The TB2 features a 4-voiced paraphonic synth with two oscillators per voice. In addition to the usual suspect wave shapes (Sin, Triangle, Saw, Square, Noise), the TB2 can also load additional waveforms from SD card – I’m currently playing with a smaller set of 2000+ waveshapes from the Adventure Kid library.  Right now I’m coding the modulation options (prominent in this patch is LFO to oscillator1 octave – sounds a bit like an arpeggiator). As for the LFO, you can choose any of the basic waveforms, but also any of the waveforms off the SD card – some of the Adventure Kid waveforms deliver really interesting results when used as the LFO shape.