Delta V111 Demo

Here’s a demo of the Delta V111 firmware.

Drums are from Cakewalk Sonar and a touch of reverb, delay, and stereo chorus have been added.

With the exception of a couple of hitches, it was pretty straightforward to replace the DAC-based sound engine of the Groovesizer Alpha with the PWM-based granular one of Peter Knight’s Auduino. It positively drips with character and squelchy goodness. All the sequencer features of the Alpha firmware have been retained. These include:
– 32 step sequencer
– step ties, rests, and slides
– MIDI sync (in and out)
– 112 save locations for patterns
– saved patterns are chainable
– record movements of pot 1 with the option to send recorded automation out as MIDI cc data
– random pattern creation (chromatic, major, minor, pentatonic)
– accents