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Turkish TB2

A grad student in electronic engineering  from Istanbul, Turkey shared these shots of his graduation project – based on the TB2.

Here’s what he wrote:

Looking at the last product that I made, it really has similarities with yours upon hardware and software design. I also really can say that I appreciate your design. I used a 16×4 LCD and I put some additional buttons. I left a gap in the upper right corner for a future sd card module. My design became actually a little bigger because I only had a chance of one layer pcb design:)

Very cool! (Click the pictures to enlarge)

20150608_211920 20150609_180634 20150610_021421 20150610_212945 20150610_213003

New hardware sneak preview

I’m not quite ready to go into details yet, but here’s what ‘s currently on the breadboard.


This time I’ve asked my friend Old Crow to design the PCB. It’ll involve quite  a bit of SMT components, so it’ll probably not be a DIY project.

I intend to take the new machine to Indiegogo to take pre-orders for the first batch. We’re still some months off though.

New hosting – less downtime (holding thumbs)

My apologies if you found the website down lately. I changed hosts to Arvixe less than two months ago – my other sites are happily hosted by Exabytes, but adding this website to my current hosting plan proved a bridge too far.

I’d read good things about Arvixe, so I thought I’d give them a try. Unfortunately, I’ve suffered outages lasting more than 5 hours at least 3 times in my short time with them. I was on a shared hosting plan with Arvixe, but my Exabytes account is also a shared one with nowhere near the same amount of downtime. Support has been helpful and polite, but I’d rather not have to use support at all.

I moved this site to a standard VPS hosting plan with Bluehost yesterday. It’s really hard to find solid unbiased reviews of web hosts, but at least Bluehost is recommended by WordPress.

I’ve been worrying that someone has set aside time to build a kit, only to find the website and building instructions unavailable. Hopefully that won’t happen now.


Arvixe support has been great again – my request for cancellation was treated very politely and a refund for my pre-paid hosting was made without a struggle. I hope my hosting experience with them was the exception, not the rule.

Coming soon: Groovesizer mk1 kits

The original Groovesizer mk1 is still getting quite a bit of attention, so I’ve decided to offer it in kit form, too. I wanted to keep it simple and as close to the original as possible, but at the same time I couldn’t resist improving on some of the shortcomings of the first design. I’ve added two shift registers so that now there is an LED for each of the 16 steps – with some pins to spare broken out on an expansion header). I’ve also added a MIDI input alongside the output, so that it can be played as a standalone instrument, or synced to external devices.

Some prototype boards are being fabbed as we speak. It should be a great beginners kit with a low parts count and price. Groovesizer mk1_pcb

Foxtrot Firmware now available

I’ve just released the Foxtrot firmware and there’s a growing implementation chart on the Foxtrot’s firmware page. It’s a MIDI controller, but far from being a one-size-fits-all controller, it’s meant specifically as a clip and scene launcher for Ableton. (And yes, it does mean there are other MIDI controller firmware planned, too.) The firmware is designed to fit in perfectly with my Ableton workflow, but I fully expect users to go in and fiddle with the firmware code to make it ideal for their own setup.