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    hi moshang, everybody,

    first of: cool to be here. Name is Oliver, I’m – you guessed it – in (North) London, UK and have recently, after years of mostly “in the box” work started to expand more and more into hardware. I like a bit of tinkering & solderfumes, all kinds of music and drink my coffee black without sugar because everything else is a bl##dy milkshake (;. but I digress…

    ordered the TB2 last Monday night from the good folks at Superior Sounds London – bit out of a spur of the moment, which I certainly not regret – and it arrived yesterday.
    Managed to do the soldering yesterday evening. I’ve already got quite a bit of soldering experience (maybe approaching pro-dom slowly?; let’s still call it intermediate – the pcb makes it quite easy!! that’s cool!
    made some tiny “mistakes” in that the audio out could sit a bit closer on the board, same goes for a couple of the connection pins, but that’s afaict cosmetical and all works ok!

    The arduino due board I got sent had firmware 1.20 so I immediately went to updating it which I had to give up on last night and do first thing this morning because it took me quite a bit to finally get it all working – I did some very basic arduino (uno) experiments a while ago so I did need to check and double check a few things with the IDE software etc but thanks to the instructions here it ultimately boiled down to managing the “lucky attempt” to upload the sketch.

    I did notice that, when powered with the PSU that came with the kit I had very much noise on the output (the somewhat irregular kind of noisy injection especially some notebook soundcards sometimes make and which I’ve also experienced with some other hardware in some circumstances, so I am now powering it via a usb charger which solves the problem.
    there is still a noticeable high freq hiss – not sure if that’s simply part of the arduino’as dac or if my soldering or something is responsible for that. it’s not too bad though and can be quite easily corrected with my mixer’s eq…)

    been playing & rtfm-ing since and am very impressed with the TB2.
    still a lot to explore!

    TB2 1
    TB2 2



    Heya Oliver,
    Welcome! I’m pleased to hear you’re enjoying the TB2. Hmm, hiss and noise doesn’t sound right. Are you using a mono or a stereo jack cable? I remember someone had an issue like this that came down to the cable, but I don’t recall the details offhand.



    it turned out to be that I had it plugged in a mixer channel with the gain set quite high so the hiss came from the preamp it seems, not the TB2 (;

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