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    Built it successfully in about 4 hours. Only problems I had were the sd card slot hasn’t stuck on the sides, I put a nice melt in the lcd contrast pot while soldering the Arduino connectors and figuring out how to upload the firmware.

    How I uploaded the firmware:

    Install latest Arduino ide
    Install the libraries one folder at a time from the import function in the ide
    Select all the files in the Groovesizer_TB2_114 folder you downloaded
    Right click and open with Arduino
    Make sure the right port for the TB2 is selected
    And you should have a working TB2

    The pots could be of a better quality, and encoders would be nice
    Can you swap the pots for encoders or does the firmware need changing for that?

    I am extremely amateur at soldering, though I have built a xoxbox a few years ago.
    The TB2 is an easy build and is worth having a go at.
    My next project will be an LXR Drumsynth.



    Hey Matt, thanks for your feedback and for sharing your uploading experience (I didn’t have a Mac to test on). Instead of opening all the files in the TB2 directory, just open the one that says Groovesizer_TB2_xxx.ino – it will open all the other tabs, too. I’ll add a readme file with that info to the .zip .

    The pots may seem flimsy, but they’re the same ones I use on all the kits. I haven’t had one go bad on me yet, nor have any customers reported reliability issues with them. But yeah, you certainly get more expensive ones.

    As for using encoders, it would require a substantial change to the firmware. The reason I chose not to use encoders is because I haven’t used them before, which makes them an unknown quantity for me in terms of quality and support. And I also couldn’t find a suitable library for using them. I’ll keep looking though and consider using them if I ever update the TB2 design.



    Finished the hardware build in one afternoon. Your instructions were very easy and thorough. I ran into a couple of issues with an older Arduino IDE. I had been using 1.5.4 on other Arduino’s. There were compile errors. I removed the older version and updated to 1.5.8 (per Arduino Due website) and then reinstalled the libraries. That cleared the compile errors and the upload of the sketches went smoothly without any errors.

    I am using the audio out to a pc mic input and that works great. It also works with a small battery powered speaker and battery power to the module, making it portable really easily to show it off.

    I think next I will see what kind of keyboard I can connect up, maybe a usb midi or one with a standard midi interface. Does anyone know if a controller is needed? I am guessing initially that the keyboard drivers are already in one of the libraries.

    One thing though, loading the different waveforms does not appear seem to make any difference. This will be a good learning opportunity for me to figure this out. Lots of variables there are.



    Got the user wav’s loading from the SD card, this is really fun. Thanks! Gotta hook this up to an Oscilloscope to watch the waveforms. šŸ™‚



    You should be able to drive the TB2 from any keyboard or interface that has a standard MIDI din output.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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