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    Neil M

    Lifted from my post in the Red section of the forum but probably applies to it’s bigger brothers too:

    1 Midi CC entry per step
    2 Velocity entry per step
    3 ‘Alter Patterm’ button – note playback order/ties/accents are randomized for the 16 steps (note values remaining unchanged) but then repeats. Every button press results in a random 16 step sequence which still sounds kind of in key with the original. Some of the 303 emulator plugins have this and it’s really usefull.
    4 Enhanced pendulum mode – I’m not sure if the Red does this but normal pendulum modes advance forward from steps 1-16 and then back 15-1. This stops the sequence looping properly as it’s only 15 steps back. An ‘enhanced pedulum mode’ would add a double step on 16, i.e. 14..15..16..16..15..14 etc. to even things up.



    Thanks again for your suggestions, Neil!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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