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    I have built my red but I had some issues šŸ˜‰

    The first problem was that I solder all the leds in the wrong way (stupid me ;). So I desolder all of them.


      Led 2 -> led 8 are OK they blink regarding the sequence.

      Regarding the led1: I have probably damaged something cause it never suceed to blink it .

      Led 9->16 are all on or all off in the same time ( sporadicly) :/ (but when I touchh the led 1 place with my finger it seems to create a shortcut that lights led 9->16 on )

      If i press button 1 then led 2->4 are on
      If i press button 2 then led 4->8 are on
      If i press button 3 nothing happen
      If i press button 4 nothing happen

    Any clues of what happens ???

    I think it is only a led issue since I can create a full sequence with sound on each steps.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Okay …

    There is another strange thing: It seems that the pot4 play the role of the control pot :/ :/ :/

    Strange… I’ve no idea of what is happening ….



    Hmm, hopefully there was no damage when you desoldered the leds. But best bet is to check the soldering around the 74hc595 ICs. Also double check the orientation of the ICs though that’s likely to be correct if you have the first 8 leds working. Let me know how it goes.




    Thanks for your fast reply !

    I finally managed to get the led working. It was the pin socket between pin between daisy chained shift registrer that was not ok.

    Now all the led are blinking ( except led 1)

    But is it normal that it is pot 4 that drive the length of the sequence ? I was expecting that it should be drive by pot controlled. Am I wrong ?

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