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    A release note for 132f

    I am pleaded to say that I’ve got serious help in the further coding of sequels to the release by Moshang of fw 132 by Liam Power. Here is the link to 132f Please tell us what you think.



    seems to work well

    just some minor feedback,

    wave shaper – bit depth seems inverted (turning clockwise decreases the number though on all other values its clockwise to increase number)

    on mix type (sync / fx / etc)
    as its a left aligned value on the display i think it would be more expected that the left most dial alters the value.

    its not limited to this firmware, but i guess if loading a patch i’d love it to only display patches / patch file type
    though its possibly i need to tidy up filenames..

    great to see an update though šŸ™‚

    final thing too, though its more for the forums.
    would be great to have a sticky thread on how to update firmware in the tb2 area.
    i hadnt done it for months and forgotten how to do it , couldnt easily find it on the forum.
    i noticed the little button on the board, clicked on some things in arduino software to setup usb , and it worked in the end.

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