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    Greetings Moshang! Its been a while since Ive been on here but to get you up to speed with what I’m currently working on I have built two more mk1’s with a slightly different layout which Ill upload pics of once I get them fully assembled.

    I would like to use the RED 036 firmware with the Mk1 hardware but am obviously having issues. Are you aware of any changes I can make to the code to make it compatible with the 8 LED layout with the last one staying lit as already occurs with the Mk1 019 firmware.

    Or are there any updated versions of the mk1 firmware or am I using the most recent with the 019 release.

    I may look into just upgrading them to the full 16 LED setup as described in the other forum post here in the Mk1 subforum.

    Thanks and Cheers! Looking forward to a response




    Hey again Noremac,

    Unfortunately there’s no easy fix for porting the RED’s firmware to hardware with only 8 LEDs. The problem isn’t so much the step indicator, it’s that the 16 LEDs are also used to indicate a bunch of other things. On the preferences page, for example, it’s used to indicate MIDI channel 1 – 16. I guess you could fix it on a per case basis, but it won’t be easy. Far easier would be to get a couple of 595s and resistor networks, and do 16 LEDs as per the RED design.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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