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    Im quite new in this area of electronics. A few years back i got into music and a few months ago i found the mk1. With no hesitation i orderd an arduino and build one and i added the noisy criket a half watt amp from beavisaudio in the housing (i have some soldering skills and basic electronics so bare with me).
    How could i make a cv pitch out and gate from the mk1 for a korg monotron?
    Can i use the midi out and a dac? im not sure how it works.. I saw you have lots of questions about cv out but i didnt find something concrete.

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    Heya Condor,

    The problem with the mk1 and CV out (at least on a smaller Arduino like the Uno) is that all the IO pins are in use. I freed up pins on the RED design by using 74HC595 shift registers for the LEDs. That design would allow you to add a DAC. Something like the MCP4921 12bit SPI device should work nicely, since the SPI pins (D11 MOSI, D12 MISO, D13 SCK) are unused, and you could use the other free pin (A5) as chip select.

    That leaves you sorted for CV, but you’re still a pin short for a gate signal ;^/

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