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    Here’s a spreadsheet I made to help me figure out the UI… Maybe it’ll be useful to someone else.

    LibreOffice format

    Microsoft format

    Moshang – in the Alpha user instructions for Edit mode you list knob 5 as being Voice 3 waveform. Is that meant to be Voice 1? Or are there two voice 3 waveform knobs?



    BTW: This was based on the docs on the website (, and it seems stuff like pattern chaining isn’t documented there, so there are probably some features missing from these spreadsheets.



    These are great, thanks! Good catch re. pot 5 – I’ve fixed it in the manual. And yes, I need to add pattern chaining to the manual [edit: DONE].

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    Hello, first post here, spreadsheet very useful.

    Just finished my Multiboard last saturday and loving it so far!

    I can´t seem to be able to create a new topic so thought I´d chime in here.

    Congrats to Moshang on the Groovesizer´s hardware polish.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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