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    Since my red started working I got a couple of ideas that might be able to be implemented.
    How hard would it be to add duo phony or polyphony to the red’s sequencer? I have a hardware sampler that I use the Red to sequence, and only triggering one drum sample at a time can be a drag, though limitations are catalysts to creativity sometimes.
    Gate/trigger out.
    I assume from my limited knowledge of the Red that there must be a clock pulse going from the red to the LEDs, or the shift registers. Would it be possible to tap this signal somewhere on the board to add a clock/gate signal out jack for driving cv sequencers?
    That being said, the red is a damn fun piece of gear both as a sequencer and a synth.



    Hey Liam,

    Wow, sorry for the late response! Ummm, new baby due in two weeks – hard at work on new hard- and firmware. In my defence, the plugin that’s supposed to alert me to new forum posts is useless!

    Making the RED polyphonic is a a bit of a toughy – ideally you want something like the Groovesizer Golf to sequence drums with. It’ll take quite a bit of reconceptualizing to make it work with the RED’s hardware.

    As for a trigger out. If you’re just after a trigger signal that goes 5V high for each sequencer step, that should be pretty easy to achieve with a little soldering and fiddling with the firmware. For a single gate out, you’ll need to solder some leads to the expansion header next to the ICSP port. You’d probably use one of the spare digital pins, like D11, and GND of course.

    Let me have a look at the code and try it out this side.



    Hi, no worries.
    Loving the groovesizer at the moment, got around the drum thing by layering samples, now it sounds great.
    Yeah, Just looking for a 5v trigger that goes high at each step, got an analog sequencer based off a 4017 that will accept that and it’d be great to get them synced up for some hybrid grooves. Getting the RED got me thinking about getting an Arduino so I can do some fiddling around as well. I’ll have a poke around with some alligator clips and see if I can pull any signals that’ll work as a clock.



    Definitely get an Arduino! So much fun to be had, and you can use it to upload the updated firmware to the RED.

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that I actually have no idea how gate signals are typically implemented. Time to educate myself…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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