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    Hello, just finished building my MB yesterday, I checked and rechecked all parts and I am sure its all in the right place but its not working properly, I have to confess that by accident plugged a 12V DC power into the MB, I quickly changed to 9V DC but the problem still remains… all LEDs turn on and stay like that. DonĀ“t know what to do and am very disappointed as I was hoping to use it for my next project šŸ™

    Hope someone can help..

    Greeting form Porto-Portugal



    have you tried connecting up to the Arduino IDE? At least you can test is this is working ok



    yes I did, the Arduino IDE seems to be working and uploading normally… I also uploaded the Golf firmware up to the MB a couple of times and the problem persists, all LED turn on and that’s all. some times they turn on in different patterns.

    I noticed that one “4021B IC” is slightly different than the others, just another manufacturer I guess but the same IC as the others… could it be a problem?

    Thank you for your help Shabbe



    Hey Nils,

    Hopefully it’s just the jumper settings that are wrong. Have you double checked that it’s set correctly for the Golf firmware.

    The LM7805 voltage convertor can handle up to 35V, so you should have no problem with plugging in a 12V adapter. It will get hot though.

    Yeah, the 4021Bs and 74HC595s sometimes come from different manufacturers, but they all do the same job.

    Check the jumpers and get back to me.



    Hi Moshang!

    First of all congratulations for the Groovesizer project, respect, great stuff!!

    yes I rechecked the jumpers, they are in the right place… I will send you an image with my PCB build so you might find something I missed, if you can take the time… I would be surprised, but one never knows.

    I have doubt with the 1N4148 but I am sure I put it the right way…

    I just hope I didĀ“t burn some circuit path or one of the parts, I use a 30-Watt Soldering Iron with very thin good quality solder.




    OK, yes please send me some pics of the soldered side of your board and I’ll see if I can spot anything obvious.

    In the meantime, have double-checked every item on the troubleshooting list?



    It is finally working šŸ™‚ I rechecked all solder points and found that some where not so well soldered. Its all working well, next step is to build a custom made enclosure.





    OK great, I’m glad to hear it’s working for you, Nils.

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