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    Hi Mo Shang, i just finish building my 2nd groovesizer mb V.1, just had the time to do it after a while, but i´m getting some noise when the led´s blink and also when the sequencer is runnig happens the same from the 17 to 32 step (some weird noise on the bacK, like digital…really don´t know)…this is happening in both my boards…



    Hey there Luis,

    I also use the V1 board. Do you get this noise when you’re using the 386 amp chip, or without. In my ignorance, I neglected to place decoupling capacitors on the ICs on the first version of the board. In practice, it means that there’s lots of noise when using the board with the amp chip. I would suggest not using the amp unless you’re driving an 8 Ohm speaker directly – I haven’t found a reason to use the amp chip when going into a mixer or when using powered speakers. If you really need to use the amp, you may consider adding decoupling caps as per the second version of the board (look for caps marked 104 that are not present on the first board).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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