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    Hi there,

    thanks to MoShang for this great arduino project. I came across it because I wanted to build my own tiny synth with an arduino. I have downloaded the TB2 firmware and I got everything working fine on a bread board with an I2C display. All perfect so far. My main idea was to built a more analog like synth so I would like to have separate controls for each parameter. I just started playing around with the code but I am not getting the desired result yet. For some reason my pot on analog in A5 detunes OSC1 but I used the following code

    Perhaps somebody could put me in the right direction

    Many thanks



    Hey Sam,

    It’s been a while and my own code feels like unfamiliar territory at this point.

    Just a thought, but are you sure the other pots are locked when it reaches the if (unlockedPot(5)) statement?




    thanks for your fast reply. I thought it should be fine, as I just extended the existing code. As I said, this is just my first try. I will have another look at it tonight. Here is my code for the POTS section.

    At the moment I have 9 pots connected (5 as per the original design and 4 additional for testing purposes) Once I have everything running I will try to multiplex the analog ins so I can have around 20 pots. Maybe you have an idea where I am going wrong.



    Not to worry, just figured it out, I should have read more of the code first. I did not change the 5 in the definitions tab to 9 (as I have 9 pots at the moment) Slight oversight on my site.

    Must have missed that section whilst scrolling through the code

    Anyway working fine now and I will try to integrate an analog multiplex next to get more than 20 pots.

    Once i have done that I will see if I can some LEDS going for the sequencer as you had on the RED

    I will keep you updated.




    Hi, Sam, how are you doing things in the field of empowerment of the number of pots on tb2? I’m waiting for your news.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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