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Lyra VR – pre-alpha of a sequencer for virtual reality

I’ve been working non-stop on this for the last couple of months (at the expense of all else as some of you know), and can finally share the fruit of those labors. It’s currently entered in two competitions, so please help us continue work on the app by voting here:

More more information and to sign up for updates, visit:


Lyra won the first prize in the AR/VR Track of the Leap Motion 3DJAM!!!

TB2 – Mono Mode & Portamento

Version 131 of the TB2 Quartet firmware adds a monophonic mode with 3 different input types (highest note, lowest note, and last note priority). There’s a new unison mode with adjustable spread and number of voices from 2 to 4. Portamento has also been implemented. The parameters for these features can be saved o a per patch basis.

TB2 PCBs are here!


Fresh from the factory – the first batch of TB2 PCBs and housing plates. I’m finishing the firmware as I wait for parts to arrive. I’m hopeful I’ll have TB2 kits up for sale next week!

Maker Faire Rome 2014

I loved the whole experience. Besides the fact that this was my first visit to the living museum that is Rome, I had a great time showing off the Groovesizers. As with the Mini Maker Faire in Hong Kong last year, the audience was mostly a non-musician one. On the other hand, most people seemed familiar with Arduinos so I could come at it from that angle.

The younger generation got hands-on with Groovesizers at Maker Faire Rome 2014.

One minor niggle is that our stand felt just a little out of the way, and with so much on offer at the Faire, only the most inquisitive bothered to see what was in our display tent. On the third and final day, the six projects in our tent moved ourselves into stalls closer to the main stream of visitors (and the projects in those stall moved themselves outside). It ensured a non-stop stream of visitors – quite the busy day.

As I was alone, I didn’t get a chance to network much with the other makers (doing so would leave  my display unattended) – it seems a bit of a missed opportunity. I did manage to give away loads of name cards, though, so at least I know the Groovesizer name got good exposure. It’s hard to measure the impact from attending a show like this, but I’m so glad I went!

TB2 Demo #2 & #3

With two more weeks left before I leave for Rome to show off the TB2 and other Groovesizers at the European Maker Faire, it’s non-stop work at the moment.

Here are two more TB2 demos:

And this one with reverb and delay: